Captain Lincoln A. Colcord

Capt. Lincoln A. Colcord standing at the taffrail of the ship State of Maine, taken by his daughter, Joanna Colcord while sailing off the Cape of Good Hope in 1900. The taffrail log ( the ship's speedometer) is spinning fast. Captain Colcord 's grin as he drives his ship at speed was certainly shared by his fellow Down Easter captains.

State of Maine was built in Newcastle in 1878 by Ebenezer Haggett for a consortium of Searsport captains who had two other Down Easters built by Haggett.

Colcord came ashore in 1903 after the State of Maine was sold for a barge but went back to sea as a steam ship master in 1907 and died aboard the SS Virginia in Bremerhaven in 1913.

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Cape of Good Hope
Colcord, Joanna