Newspaper Ocean Chronicle

Newspaper Ocean Chronicle

This newspaper Ocean Chronicle, like its predecessor, Pill Garlic, was written and published at sea over a course of years by Captain Edward Payson Nichols, aboard ship. This issue was published aboard the ship Frank Pendleton in 1891. This was purportedly the only newspaper published at sea on a sailing vessel.

Captain Nichols shows a fair amount of humor in his writing. In the masthead, it notes: "For Friends, and not for Criticism," "This is printed only for AMUSEMENT, and is sent only to friends as a LETTER. It is NOT for the public who like to criticise," and "Terms, One Letter."

Here Captain Nichols talks about his recent visit to Valparaiso, and his trip up to New York. He may have occupied his time writing and setting type for this (one letter at a time). Then he finished it up and printed it when he got to New York, giving him something like an E-Letter that he could send to friends.

10 June 1891

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At Sea
Capt. E. P. Nichols