Ship Manuel Llaguno in Hong Kong Harbor

Ship Manuel Llaguno in Hong Kong Harbor

Under the command of Capt. Daniel C.Nichols of Searsport, in Hong Kong Harbor, near the end of her sailing life. The painting originally had one mast placed incorrectly. The captain had the artist correct it, but the reflection in the water was not painted out. The picture shows four reflections for three masts.

She was launched by John McDonald in Bath, Maine in 1879. Her rig was so tall that she needed her royal masts, at the very tops of the rig, to be strikeable so that she could get under the Brooklyn Bridge. She frequently made the New York to San Francisco run.

Captain Nichols commanded the vessel for only five years, retiring when she was sold to the Luckenbach company as a barge in 1905.

The Luckenbach Steamship Company used her as a sailing coal barge, renaming her Washington and putting a schooner rig on her. The Navy took her over in 1917; in heavy snow under tow she went aground and could not be salvaged.

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Hong Kong
Unknown Chinese artist