Waymouth, George

George Waymouth

c.1585-c.1612. English ship captain and explorer, and student of mathematics, navigation and ship building. In 1602 he led an unsuccessful voyage in search of the Northwest Passage, exploring the area between Greenland and Labrador. After returning he wrote "The Jewell of Artes" a manuscript on navigation, shipbuilding and fortification presented to King James I. He was hired to lead an expedition to explore Massachusetts in the area Gosnold had discovered but was blown north to Monhegan. He spent a month exploring the Penobscot area, just missing Samuel Champlain. Kidnapping five natives, he returned to England. The account of the voyage, "A True Relation of the most prosperous voyage made this present year 1605" was written by James Rosier who had been hired to chronicle the voyage. Penobscot Marine Museum produced a film and exhibit about this in 2005.