Flynn, George. Lobster and Scallop Fishing, in Penobscot Bay, Maine. Searsport, ME: Penobscot Marine Museum.

Realm of the Lobster. Nick Caloyianis, 2000. Good footage of the lobster’s environment, with prey and predators.

Conover, David. A Tale of Two Fisheries. Camden, ME: Compass Light Productions, 1997. Comparison of the lobster and cod fisheries. Part of Ocean Fisheries Case Study Series, Compass Light Documentary, Mainewatch, and Island Institute. 1996. A three part video series examining marine ecosystems, cod and lobster, and the collapsing fish stocks in Maine.

Kipling, Rudyard. Captains Courageous [videorecording], 1934. With Spencer Tracy, in a movie with great fishing schooner footage, based on the book.

Sea Change. Lewiston, ME: Maine Public Broadcasting, 1995. Examines fisheries, sustainable fishing, and aquaculture in Maine. 58 minutes.

Co-Management: The New England Town Meeting Goes to Sea. Camden, ME: Compass Light Productions, 1998. Explores whether to shift more federal fisheries management decisions to the state level and more state fisheries management decisions to the local level. Produced by Island Institute and Mainewatch. 20 minutes.

The Gulf of Maine: A Production of Maine Public Television.  Lewiston, ME: Maine Public Television, 1995. Explores fisheries, including groundfish and lobsters, and science. 57 minutes.

The Fish Belong to the People. Hyler Productions, 2009. This full length documentary follows a group of family fishermen in Port Clyde, Maine as they work to save their fishing grounds and their way of life.

Let’s Go Lobstering! A DVD by Lobsterland Productions, LLC, Portland, Maine. 2004.

Life of the Maine Lobsterman Project.  (MF 037)  Nineteen recorded interviews with lobstermen, including topics such as equipment, boats, history, clamming, trawling, and shad fishing. Descriptions available on Maine InfoNet. Tapes available at Maine Folklife Center, University of Maine, Orono.

Penobscot Bay Fisheries and Industries Project (MF 047).  Thirteen interviews by David Taylor, conducted in 1973-74, covering fishing and related industries on Penobscot Bay and Penobscot River. Includes salmon, smelt, lobsters, captaining a lobster smack, eels, ship and boat building, and Friendship sloops. Series includes taped interviews, brief indexes, and transcripts. Descriptions available on Maine InfoNet. Tapes and photographs available at Maine Folklife Center, University of Maine, Orono.

Brazer, Eric. Does the Atlantic Cod, Gadus morhua, Have a Future in the Gulf of Maine? Providence, RI: Brown University B.A. thesis, 2003. Nice summary of biology, history, and legislation.

Crowley, Richard M. The State of Fisheries in Maine 2004. Colby College, Waterville, ME, 2005. Environmental Assessment. Overview of current conditions and historical contexts of Maine’s fisheries, including lobstering.

Downeast Institute for Applied Marine Research & Education, Great Wass Island. Current information on marine resources and abstracts of research articles. Focuses on shellfish research, hatcheries, rebuilding depleted species.

Downeast Salmon Federation. Current news, research, hatcheries.

Goode, G. Brown. The Fisheries and Fishery Industries of the United States. Washington: Govt. Printing Office, 1884-87. This seven-volume set baseline for fisheries studies, just after the U.S. Fish Commission was founded.   NOAA:
Northeast Fisheries Science Center

Lobster Conservancy, an excellent educational resource on lobsters:

Maine Department of Marine Fisheries. Statistics and state regulations on coastal fisheries. There is an education element under “Aquarium.”

Maine Sea Grant Program. Research papers and educational programs.

New England Fishery Management Council, with current regulations, information on species, and links.

Portland Fish Exchange: Good example of a fish market and auction.

United States, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Marine Fisheries Service: