Johnson, Irving. Around Cape Horn. Mystic, CT: Mystic Seaport Nuseum Film-Video Service, 1984,c1980. B&W/37 min. Not Rated. In 1929 Irving Johnson filmed his journey, including a trip around Cape Horn during a storm on the bark Peking. He narrates the film, speaking of the workings of the ship and what life at sea was like.

Johnson, Irving. High Sea Adventurer. Color/43 min. Not Rated. This film documents Capt. Irving Johnson’s life, beginning with the voyage of the Peking in 1929, going on to the years he spent circumnavigating the globe and visiting various ports in the Yankee, with student crews, and lastly exploring the inland waterways of Europe.

The Great Ships: Schooners. Perpetual Motion Films, 44 min.
Maine Windjammers: A Page from the Past. Maine’s windjammer fleet.