Barkentine Mannie Swan

Barkentine Mannie Swan

“Dodging the Pilots off Sandy Hook, August 11, 1893”

Antonio Jacobsen, signed, 1893

This must have been an interesting day. Captain Higgins of the barkentine Mannie Swan had years of experience sailing from New York, his home port. He wanted to save a little money by not using a pilot.

There are three pilot boats trying to get close to the Swan. Higgins is passing the Scotland lightship off Sandy Hook marking the shoal named for the 1866 wreck of the steamer Scotland.

This was the last vessel built by Isaac Coombs of Camden. Captain Higgins sailed her from launching until she was sold in 1920. His wife, Belle Wooster Higgins, sailed with him the entire time. They kept a veritable menagerie of pets and exotic animals on board for their enjoyment

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Camden, Maine
Antonio Jacobsen