Journal of Edwin Mitchell

Journal Entry 1: 1866

From inside front cover:

Ed. Mitchell, Belfast, Maine
On board Ship Ivanhoe, built at Belfast, launched Sept. 21st, 1865
Sailed from Belfast for New York, Nov. 10th, 1865
Arrived Nov. 19th, 1865
Sailed from New York for San Francisco Jan. 26th, 1866
Crossed the Equator in the Atlantic Feb. 25th, 1866
Doubled Cape Horn April 8th, 1866
Crossed the Equator in the Pacific June 2nd, 1866
Arrived in San Francisco July 12th, 1866
Sailed from San Frncisco for Callao Aug. 12th, 1866
Arrived in Callao Oct. 11th, 1866
Sailed from Callao for the Chincha Islands Dec. 9th, 1866