February 22, 1866

Journal Entry 4: February 1866

Highlights from the Journal of Edwin Mitchell, Vol. I:

Feb. 22: "I have a sore foot, I have to walk on my heel and it pains me very much."

Feb. 23: "About five bells it commenced to rain and raind (sic) pretty hard for two or three hours, we caught quite a lot of water. At four bells my foot paind me so that I had to go below, I did not go on deck last night."

Feb. 24: "I have been at work cleaning house, that is what they call it at home. As we have made so little headway for the last forty-eight hours, I have not kept any dead reckoningDead reckoning

Navigating by applying courses and distances made through the water from the last known observed position. The term dead could be a form of "ded" from "deduced" reckoning.
. Mr. Brown took an observaton tonight which gives us twenty one miles north of the equator."

Feb. 25: "Mr. Harriman lanced my foot, it discharged quite a lot of matter. At noon by observation we are ten miles south of the line; Mrs. Harriman lanced my foot again but it does not ease it any."

Feb. 27: "I have been at work today but it pains me to stand on my foot."