December 23-31, 1866

Journal Entry 29: December 1866

Highlights from the Journal of Edwin Mitchell, Vol. I:


A city on the Pacific coast of Peru, across from Isla San Lorenzo (Island of St. Lorenzo.)

Dec. 23: "After dinner I wrote a letter home and one to E.A.R. The men had had liberty today."

Dec. 24: "....slept until half-past four when the mate called me up to shampoo him, did not turn in again. I sent two pairs of boots ashore this morning to get fixed. Two of our men got in chokeyChokey

British slang word for a prison or jail.
, some had their money stolen, some lost their shirts, hats and shoes, and all got drunk. Most of them have not got aboard yet."

Dec. 25: "Turned in this morning at five o'clock and slept until nine, when Bill called me and said we were agoing to have liberty, so I got up and dressed and went ashore, where the Capt. gave me ten soles or ten American gold dollars. I went up to Lima and came back at five, I bought all the things that I needed and had some money left, which I exchanged for American silver."

Dec. 26: "Last night at two o'clock a man from a French ship came aboard and stowed away, they came aboard this morning and got him. Two of our liberty have forgotten to come back."

At sea....

Dec. 28: "We got under way and sailed at four. I got my boots which I had sent asore to be mended. I had to pay three dollars. We are homeward bound at last. I shall give her one hundred days to get to New York."

Dec. 29: "I got hold of some papers which I read until two bells, then turned in. I worked the dog watch a lashing boards on the gangways....Well we are clear of the land and at sea once more and I am glad of it."

Dec. 31: "In the dog watch I worked on the lanyardsLanyard

A short rope or gasket used for fastening or extending rigging.
. The weather has been overcast with a moderate breeze. Well this is New Year's night. I wish I was at home for I think I could have a good time."