November 19-29, 1866

Journal Entry 26: November 1866

Highlights from the Journal of Edwin Mitchell, Vol. I:

Nov. 19: "I stood my watch last night; during the night I peeled a basket of potatoes for the cook, and he gave me a good lunch....After dinner I took the Capt. aboard of the Europa, also Mrs. Harriman aboard of the Osceola....Another revolution has broken out; last night the soldiers on the nearest island shot their Capt. and fired several shots at the Governor's house, then left for Frisco."

Nov. 22: "I have taken the profession of barber, I have to shampoo the mate every afternoon...The ship Anna Decatur sailed today; she ran into another ship and carried away her flying jibFlying jib

A small traingular sail in front of the jib, usually on an extension of the jibboom or bowsprit.
and the other ship's mizzenMizzen mizen

The mizzen itself is the gaff sail flown from the mizzenmast of a bark or barkentine or the fore and aft sail set on the mizzenmast of a ketch or yawl.
rigging; it cost the Capt. one-hundred and fifty dollars."

Nov. 23: "We are getting guanoGuano

Droppings of sea birds, with high levels of phosphate and nitrogen making it valuable for fertilzier. Starting in the 1840s centuries of deposits were mined at the Chincha Islands off Peru. Supplies were effectively exhausted in the 1870s; many Maine ships and captains worked the guano trade.
as fast as we can take it in."

Nov. 24: "We have got in six hundred tons of guano; at this rate we shall get loaded by Christmas."

Nov. 26: "After breakfast Bill and I took the Capt. ashore and he growled all the way, he is a growling all the time. After I got back I sprouted potatoes until noon. This afternoon I worked at the potatoes until half-past four, then went into the hold and worked until dark. We have taken in one hundred tons today."

Nov. 27: "We have taken in another hundred today."

Nov. 29: "Cleaned the lamps. After breakfast worked in the hold a short time then wiped the paint work, then went into the launch and worked until noon. This afternoon I have been at work in the hold. I shipped as a boy but have to do a man's work."