September 20-28, 1866

Journal Entry 20: September 1866

Highlights from the Journal of Edwin Mitchell, Vol. I:

Sep. 20: "Came on deck this morning at eight bells and worked in the cabin all watch. This P.M. I sewed until four bells, then turned in. In the dog watchDog watch

Two half watches of two hours each into which the period from 4 pm to 8 pm is divided. The purpose of dividing this watch into two parts is to produce an uneven number of watches in 24 hours, 7 instead of 6. This ensures that watchkeepers in ships, whether organized into two or three watches, do not keep the same watches every day. These two watches are known as the First Dog and Last Dog.
I worked in the cabin. The weather has been warm and pleasant with very little wind, I guess it is played out altogether. If there is a calm in the Pacific Ocean we are bound to get."

Sep. 21: "After breakfast Jim and I washed up the room, then I fitted the cloths to coachwhipCoachwhip

To sew with a loose overcast or overhand stitch.
my lashing beckettsBecket Beckett

A looped rope, strap, hook and eye, or grommet used as a handle or as an oarlock.

Sep. 23: "Came on deck this morning at eight bells. I went into the cabin and worked all the watch. After we got through, Mrs. Harriman gave all of us a piece of castile soapCastile soap

A type of soap made from olive oil from the Castile region of Spain. This soap has been mentioned in histories dating back 4 - 5,000 years.
to wash out our ears as she said perhaps they were dirty. In the dog watch Bill and I put down the cabin carpet. We are all through in the cabin."

Sep. 26: "In the dog watch I helped the Capt. clean his revolvers."

Sep. 27: "I worked above decks until six bells, then cleaned our room. Turned in at two bells. This afternoon I have been cleaning guns, painting, and scraping the top of the midship house. In the dog watch I done a little sewing."

Sep. 28: "This P.M. I worked a few questions in navigation, turned in at three bells. In the dog watch I worked a scraping."