October 1-10, 1866

Journal Entry 21: October 1866

Highlights of the Journal of Edwin Mitchell, Vol. I:

Oct. 1: "I turned in this morning and got a good sleep. They have commenced holystoningHolystone

A soft sandstone used to scrub the deck of a wooden ship. The word can be used as a noun or as a verb.
the Quarter deck. This afternoon I work until three bells a whippingWhip

A rope led through a single block or pulley which offers no mechanical advantage but changes the rope's direction.
A type of overhand sewing stitch.
gasketsGasket line gasket

A rope, plaited cord, or strip of canvas used to secure a furl sail to a yard or boom.
, the remainder a holystoning."

Oct. 2: "This P.M. I read until three bells, then turned in. In the dog watchDog watch

Two half watches of two hours each into which the period from 4 pm to 8 pm is divided. The purpose of dividing this watch into two parts is to produce an uneven number of watches in 24 hours, 7 instead of 6. This ensures that watchkeepers in ships, whether organized into two or three watches, do not keep the same watches every day. These two watches are known as the First Dog and Last Dog.
we washed down the Quarter deck. They have finished holystoning. At dark furledFurl

To take in the sails of a vessel and secure them with gaskets. In the case of square-rigged ships, to haul in on the clew-lines and buntlines and roll sails up to the yards. In the case of fore-and-aft rigs, to lower and secure sails to the boom or stays.
the skysailsSkysail Sky sail

On a square rigged vessel, a small square sail above the royal.
....we have finished most of the hard work, we have painted the ship outside, scraped and oiled the yards and mast and holystoned the deck."

Oct. 3: "After breakfast I mended a pair of pants then turned in. This afternoon I holystoned the wheel house and helped oil the skylight. The Capt. has concluded to have the main deck holystoned, they began this morning."

Oct. 5: "We have not headed on our course for several days, we are bound to get all the foul winds that blow."

Oct. 7: "This morning at four o'clock I went into the galleyGalley

The kitchen on board a vessel.
and worked until eight a helping the stewardSteward

The person aboard ship in charge of provisions and aiding the cook.
get breakfast. After breakfast I washed out our room, then turned in."

Oct. 10: "This afternoon they kept all hands to get the anchors in the bow, while they were doing this Jim and I holystoned the floor and scrubbed the paintwork in our messMess

The area on board a vessel where the ship's crew members gather to eat their meals.
room. We expect to get in tomorrow, We have got a fine breeze."