William H. Yorke

William H. Yorke (1847-1921) William Yorke, the younger, was born in St. John, New Brunswick, then moved to Liverpool as a young boy when his father moved there around 1855. Presumably his father, William G., taught him to paint, and there is much stylistic similarity. The 1871 Liverpool census lists William H. Yorke as a marine painter, and his mother Susan Yorke as the head of the household, since William G. Yorke had moved to New York. It seems that the father (William G.) had moved to New York where he worked as a ship portrait painter until around 1888. William H.

Ship Mary L. Cushing

Launched in Newburyport, Massachusetts in 1883 by George E. Currier, for local owners. Said to have been the last full-rigged ship built in Massachusetts.

Registered to Pendleton, Carver & Nichols of Searsport in 1895, and sailed by Searsport masters until eventually sold into the salmon trade; disappeared from the register in 1907.

Off Sandy Hook Light.

Oil on canvas.

Ship A.J. Fuller

Built by John McDonald of Bath Maine, for Bath's Flint & Co. in 1881. Captained by Searsport masters until sold into the San Francisco salmon trade in 1900.  Theodore P. Colcord sailed her until 1894; he was succeeded by a Carver and finally Charles M. Nichols.  At anchor, she was sunk by a steamer in the fog in Seattle harbor in 1918.

Oil on canvas.

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