Billet Head by Thomas Seavey

Billet head carved by Thomas Seavey of Bangor, Maine. Dimensions: 24"x18"x21" including mounting board. Carved but never used on a vessel, something readily seen by the sharpness of the carving and lack of paint buildup.

Billet heads were located under a vessel's bowsprit like figureheads, but being simpler and much less expensive would have been found on smaller vessels like coastal schooners and fishing vessels.

Thomas Seavey ( 1811-1886) a native of Bangor, operated a carving business from 1834 until his death, "Thomas & Son, Carvers and Gilders, 116 Exchange) His son, William L. Seavey continued the business until his death in 1911.

Bangor Historical Society has two splendid examples of Seavey's work, a full figurehead of Minerva, and a shop sign showing a Golden Lamb.

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Bangor, Maine;