Wright's Chart of the World, 1599

Wright's Chart of the World, 1599

Map of the World, Edward Wright, 1599

Published by Richard Hakluyt in his Principal Navigations in 1600, this world map summarizes European navigational knowledge. It is honest, without myth and hypothesis. Most importantly for navigators like Bartholomew Gosnold, Matthew Pring, George Waymouth, and John Smith, it incorporates Wright's improvements to Mercator's projections published in his Certaine Errors in Navigation...

University of Virginia Map Library Collection

In 1657, Richard Moxon reprinted an updated version of Wright's map which incorporated all of the knowledge brought back by the early 17th century explorers.

Boston Public Library has a zoomable copy:    http://maps.bpl.org/id/M8788/#

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Wright, Edward