• Created in 1871 as the United States Commission on Fish and Fisheries, to investigate causes for decreases in commercial fish landings, to recommend remedies, and to oversee restoration. From 1881 to 1901 it published an annual Bulletin and in 1884 published the multi-volume "Fish and Fisheries of the United States." In 1901 it was reorganized as the United States Bureau of Fisheries

  • Unbend
    To untie or loosen a sail or rope.
  • Unions are organizations of workers that use the strength of numbers to bargain with management over workers' wages, benefits, work hours, and conditions. Unions are normally organized by trade, such as quarrymen, teamsters, iron workers, etc.
  • A member of a liberal religious denomination founded upon the doctrine that God is one being, and giving each congregation complete control over its affairs.