Life at Sea

Ship State of Maine Looking Forward

Looking forward from the quarterdeck, on the port side, aboard ship State of Maine.

Ship State of Maine Getting up Anchor

Looking forward from amidships, on the port side, aboard ship State of Maine, while raising anchor in the Java Sea. Note sails are partially set to begin sailing once the anchor is up. Though hard to see in this photograph, the seamen are working at the capstan on the forecastle.


This sextant was owned by Frederick L. Waterhouse. Frederick was born in Searsport in 1841; his four brothers all became ship captains, but he only became a mate. After his service in the Civil War, he settled in Montville, Maine, never becoming a sea captain. His initials are inlaid into the cover of the sextant box, something he could well have done, a not uncommon practice amongst ship officers.

Sailors Hoisting Sail

The crew is lined up to pull together to raise the sail. They might be singing a halyard shanty. The photograph was taken by the captain's daughter aboard the bark Carrie Winslow.

Sail Diagram of a Ship

Diagram showing the sails and masts of a full-rigged sailing ship.

Ralph Starratt on Yard of his Boat on the Barkentine Luarca

When the bark Carrie Winslow was in port, Ruth Montgomery went over to another vessel, the Canadian barkentine Luarca. Aboard was Capt. Starratt's son Ralph playing on his big model sailboat.


Ship's organ, foot-pumped. According to the donor, this Mason & Hamlin organ was used aboard a schooner and was the first organ on Great Cranberry Island.

Men and Children Aboard Ship

Three young children aboard ship, probably with the captain, a mate, and a seaman.

Maine State Seal Carving

The Maine State Seal, painted wood carving. The carving depicts a mariner and a farmer around a picture of the Maine State tree, the White Pine. Above these is the Maine State motto, "Dirigo," which means "I lead" in Latin.

Looking Forward on a Four-Masted Schooner

Unidentified four-masted schooner sailing on the port tack. Note how few people are on deck. The vessel could be carrying coal.


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