Working the Bay

Lobsters on Windjammer Enterprise

Tourists aboard the windjammer Enterprise handle the lobsters with enthusias--or fear. The lobster cookout is a regular part of windjammer cruises on the coast of Maine.

Lobster Boat at Dock in Stonington

Lobster boat Kathleen and Esther at dock in Stonington. The dock serves also as a lobster "car" or storage place for live lobsters.

Loading Ice Blocks onto a Schooner

Using a conveyor, ice blocks were moved from the ice house to the schooner. In the schooner, the ice was often insulated with sawdust or hay, to keep it from melting quickly.

Lime Rock Railroad in Rockport

The narrow gauge Rockport Railroad ran from quarries at Simonton Corners to Rockport Harbor. The cars dumped lime rock directly into the top of the kilns.

Lime Kiln Interior

Interior view of a lime kiln, showing lime and cordwood.

Lime Barge with Lime Casks

Rockland-Rockport Lime Co. Barge #3 loading lime casks at the wharf in Rockport. The barge was towed south by a tugboat.

Ice Tongs

Ice tongs were used not only in moving large blocks of ice in and around the ice house, but also by the person delivering ice to residences before there were refrigerators.

Ice Saws

Ice saws were used in the ice industry by one man for the purpose of cutting through the ice to make ice blocks.

Ice Houses in Rockport Harbor 2

Ice houses in Rockport harbor provided cold storage until the ice demand increased in the summer time. Sawdust was sometimes used as insulation.

Ice Houses in Rockport Harbor

Ice houses in Rockport Harbor provided cold storage until the ice demand increased in the summer time. Sawdust was often used to insulate the ice blocks. Many schooners are laid up for the winter.


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