Items of Interest

Margaret apparently was interested in many things. She titles this section

 "Items of Interest, in and about, over and across the Universe"

Portraits on Bank Notes and Postage Stamps:
1st - Bank Notes
$1.00 Washington's -- $2.00 Jefferson -- $5.00 Jackson -- $10.00 Webster -- $20.00 Hamilton 2nd - Postage Stamps
$ .10 Jefferson from life-size statue by Powers
$ .06 Lincoln from bust by Volks
$ .05 Garfield
$ .04 Jackson
$ .02 Washington after Houdon' s bust
$. 01 Franklin from profile bust by Rubicht


The number of daily newspapers in the U.S. is 1300.

English Language:
The derivation of our language is 3 words of Latin origin; 1/4 French; 1/10 Saxon, while a little less are Greek.

Value of "Fool's Errand"
Judge Tourger found anyone "One of the Fools" received $10,000.00 for the Fool's Errand.

Salaries of Senators and Representatives:
Their salaries are $5000.00 per year while the Speaker of the House receives $80000.00

They are also allowed $ .20 per mile as mileage to and from Washington for each annual session. $125.00 per year is given them to purchase stationery, newspapers, Etc.

$8.00 per day is deducted for absence caused otherwise than by sickness.