March 28, 1881-May, 1881

Monday, Mar. 28: This morning we can see Crab Island and Porto Rico (Puerto Rico). A barkentine is in site.

Tuesday, Mar. 29: This morning we were very near Porto Rico. Could see Cape Roxo very plain. We are going through Mona Passage which is between Porto Rico and Hayti. 2 brigs and the barkentine in company with us. Went near the island DesecheoIsland of Desecheo

A small uninhabited island in the archipelago of Puerto Rico. Today it is administered by the U. S. Department of the Interior, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The island has no surface water, so it has only limited plants and animals.

Thursday, Mar. 31: Wind came from the South West this morning at about 4 o’clock. At 12 we tacked ship and stood to the south as we were getting too near the Silver Bank, a dangerous shoal.

Wednesday, April 6: Last night at 7 o’clock we made light at the entrance of the harbor, but as it was too late to run in we waited until morning. This morning at 10 o’clock the pilot came off and brought us our letters and orders to proceed to MatanzasMatanzas

A city on the northern shore of Cuba, about 56 miles east of Havana.

Saturday Apr. 9: Are near Cardenas this morning. Can see the vessels at anchor in the Outer Roads and can also see the wreck of the Henry P. Dewey that Capt. Arthur Smith of Brewer was master of.

Sunday, April 10: We arrived at Matanzas about 9 o’clock. There are about 20 to 30 American vessels in the fleet. 91 days to Matanzas and 4,000 miles from Marseilles.

Monday Apr. 11: Last evening Captain Hammond in the Schooner Eagle Rock and his wife and two children were aboard. Also Miss Jones in a Bark called Don Gusto and Capt. Pendleton in the Bark Henry Knight. This morning Captain Collins in the Bark William H. Penn was aboard and took father ashore. The Schooner Belle Hooper Captain Gilkey is here but is most loaded. The second mate is rigging the sail-boat today.

Thursday Apr. 14: Last evening we went out sailing. Was intending to go aboard the Eagle Rock but the Captain was not aboard. We sailed all over the harbor. It is a very nice harbor to sail in. It has rained all the forenoon but has cleared off now. Capt. Hammond and his wife, Captain Leaithwaite and his wife of the Barkentine Minnie Hunter and Captain Cole and his wife of the Barkentine Bonny Doon were aboard this afternoon.

Friday Apr. 15: Last evening we were aboard of Capt. Hooper in the Bark Walker Arrington that came in Wednesday. Spent a very pleasant evening.

Sunday, May 3: Today we left Matanzas bound for Havana to finish unloading our tiles. Had a very nice time in Matanzas, sailing and visiting back and forth. We went to an Exposition which was very nice. We only went ashore once in Matanzas as it was very hot with nothing to do once you got there.

We were two days going from Matanzas to Havana and stayed in Havana about 6 days. We did not go ashore as it was very sickly. From Havana we went to Sagua la Grande and from there loaded sugar for New York.

The End