9-12 Activities

9-12 Activities

These activities for Marine Art were updated in late 2008 and early 2009, along with the Learning Results.

Ideas to try....

In addition to the creative opportunities inspired by the study of maritime art, other disciplines are addressed.  Creative writing or speaking activities can challenge students to put language to their visual perceptions of various works of art.  History, culture, and technology are often illustrated in maritime paintings, and can spark research projects. 

Different countries influenced art in different ways, and the study of art history can be enhanced by looking at these cultural influences. 

Career and Education Development

By high school age, students who are talented and interested in art as a career may be thinking seriously of ways in which to pursue their goals. Students could interview working artists in the community, and artists who work in related fields such as graphic design or architecture.  Maritime art is displayed in galleries all over the Maine coast, and offers window-shopping opportunities for critiques, stylistic analysis, and comparisons.