High School & Adult Level Books

Baker, William A. A Maritime History of Bath, Maine, and the Kennebec River Region. Bath, ME: Marine Research Society of Bath, 1973. The story of a major shipbuilding town in Maine.

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Duncan, Roger F. The Dorothy Elizabeth. New York: W. W. Norton, 2000. Building a traditional wooden schooner.

Duncan, Roger F. Freindship Sloop. Camden, ME: International Marine Publishing Company, 1985. Detailed information on this traditional Maine working boat.

Forbes, Allan and Ralph M. Eastman. Yankee Ship Sailing Cards. (3 v.) Boston: State Street Trust Co., 1948-52. Reproductions of colorful and dramatic posters advertising clipper ships for the purpose of attracting cargoes.

Gardner, John. The Dory Book. Mystic, CT: Mystic Seaport Museum, 1987. Building wooden dories. Illustrations by Sam Manning.

Greenhill, Basil and Sam Manning. The Evolution of the Wooden Ship. New York: Facts on File, 1988. A history of wooden ships and shipbuilding, with excellent illustrations of the shipbuilding process.

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Manning, Samuel F. New England Masts and the King’s Broad Arrow. Kennebunk, ME: Thomas Murphy, 1979. Well illustrated history of the Maine and New Hampshire mast trade.

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Milner, Craig. Ralph Stanley: Tales of a Maine Boatbuilder. Camden, ME: Down East Books, 2004. Ralph Stanley of Southwest Harbor is one of the best-known designers and builders of traditional wooden boats. His boatbuilding shop is still in operation.

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Rowe, William Hutchinson. The Maritime History of Maine. Freeport, ME: Bond Wheelwright Co., 1966. Another good introduction, though it doesn’t always cover the entire state.

Snow, Ralph Linwood. Bath Iron Works: The First Hundred Years. Bath, ME: Maine Maritime Museum, 1987. Good work on 20th century shipbuilding in Maine.

Snow, Ralph Linwood and Douglas K. Lee. A Shipyard in Maine: Percy & Small and the Great Schooners. Gardiner, Me: Tilbury House; Bath, ME: Maine Maritime Museum, 1999. Excellent illustrations.

Spectre, Peter. Wooden Ship: The Art, History, and Revival of Wooden Boatbuilding. Boston: Houghton-Mifflin, 1991. Nicely illustrated with large, color pictures.

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Warren Historical Society. From Warren to the Sea, 1827-1852: Letters of the Counce and McCallum Families. Middletown, NY: Whitlock Press, 1970. Shipbuilding in Warren, Maine.

Wasson, George S. Sailing Days on the Penobscot: The Story of the River and the Bay in the Old Days. London: MacDonald and Jane’s, 1974. With introduction by Lincoln Colcord.