Gus Skoog, Boatbuilder of Vinalhaven, Maine. The story of the building of a 34 foot wooden lobster boat in an island boat shop.

Bennett, Juliet, Peapods of the Maine Coast. Searsport, ME: Penobscot Marine Museum, 2005. An interactive DVD including interviews with builders and owners of peapods, traditional double-ended Maine boats used for lobstering, other fishing, and transportation. The DVD also includes construction, planking, framing, history, etc.

Tales of Wood and Water: The Craft and Beauty of Wooden Boats. Bethesda, MD: Discovery Channel, 1991. 60 min. Story of the revival of the wooden boatbuilding business in Maine.

Ames, Alfred. From Stump to Ship. Orono, ME: University of Maine at Orono, 1985. Excellent 1920s footage of the lumber industry, getting logs to the ship. Though not about shipbuilding specifically, it gives an idea of how lumber got to its markets and its use in shipbuilding.