January 9–January 31, 1881

Sunday, Jan. 9, 1881: This morning at 4 o’clock the mate began to heave up anchor and get ready for sea. We are bound from Marseilles to Cuba with a load of tiles. At 8 o’clock tug came alongside and towed us out. There is a fair wind but quite light.

Tuesday, Jan. 11: Quite rough today with a head wind. Are going between the Island of MajorcaMajorca

A large island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the largest in the Balearic Archipelago belonging to Spain. Majorca is so named because it is larger than the nearby smaller island of Minorca.
and the Island of MinorcaMinorca

An island in the Mediterranean Sea, part of the Balearic Archipelago belonging to Spain. Minorca is so named because it is smaller than its neighboring island Majorca.

Wednesday, Jan. 12: Have a fair wind today and quite smooth weather.

Saturday, Jan. 15: Have had quite rough weather with some quite heavy gales since I last wrote—the worst on Friday. We are still in the passage between the Islands. Have kept there to avoid rough weather outside. Are now where we were last Tuesday.

Sunday Jan. 16: Calm last night with scarcely any wind but at about 6 o’clock a breeze sprang up from the N.E.

Tuesday, Jan. 18: Last night at 6 made light on Cape Palos and at about 10 it began to blow a gale of wind which made a very rough sea.

Thursday, Jan. 20: It is quite smooth today but there is a head wind. This morning could see Spain. Three vessels in sight.

Friday, Jan. 21: Fair wind today. Several vessels in sight.

Saturday, Jan. 22: Wind continued fair yesterday until about 6 pm when it turned to the West and again very rough today. At about 7 o’clock saw light on Point Mesa. Numerous vessels around.

Sunday, Jan. 23: We have had a calm all morning until 8 when a breeze sprang up from the same old quarter—West. At 12 it died out, calm again and at about 5 it began to breeze up from the East.

Tuesday, Jan. 25: Head wind again this morning. Last night at about 7 made light on Cape Sacaratif. This afternoon went in close to the land. Saw the towns of MalagaMalaga

A large city in Spain, on the Mediterranean Coast.
and Velez Malaga.

Saturday, Jan. 29: Very rainy today until about 3 o’clock when it stopped raining and began to blow a gale of wind. Last night at 7 o’clock saw light on Cape Torrox and Sebastian again. This afternoon while trying to reef the foresail it got torn. It is very rough. Very many vessels near us.

Sunday, Jan. 30: Made light on Cape Sacaratif again as usual. Very rough with a head wind.