Literary Conundrums

Margaret included this section of what she calls “Literary Conundrums”—puns made using the last names of authors.

1. What author made things safe?Locke
2. What author represents smoked meat?Bacon
3. What author is a (       ) mechanic?Cooper
4. We cannot live without itHart
5. Something found on feetBunyan
6. Put it away for future useStowe
7. What author represents a (       ) mechanic?Cooper
8. What author represents wearing apparel?Hood
9. Not quite SouthSouthard
10. A kind of hedgeHawthorne
11. Made of ironSteele
12. A sweeping translatorBroome
13. A common salutation of tobacco usersChaucer
14. A rough crowdMotley
15. A refined workmanGoldsmith
16. What all need but do not always haveHolmes
17. A small black mountainColeridge
18.The thread of argument 
19. The nuisance of a neighborhoodBurroughs
20. To move towards the right 
21. What is generally found in a cornfieldRowe
22. Too fast for anythingSwift