The Australian Market

Australia was a market for many products, about half of which were carried in American ships. These included corn, oats, flour, medicines, cloth, dried codCod Gadus morhua

A food fish of the cool water of the North Atlantic: Gadus morhua. The species that was the major attraction for European fishermen to come to America. The stock is now severely overfished with total collapse and closing of the famous cod fishing grounds off of Newfoundland.
, canned salmonSalmon

A marine and freshwater food fish, inhabiting North Atlantic waters near the mouths of large rivers. Salmon are anadromous fish, entering rivers to spawn (lay eggs.) In Maine, salmon fishing was once a commercial, then a sport fishery; now wild salmon are an endangered species. Many are farm-raised.
, cordage, fruit, iron, steel, nails, tools, leather, tobacco and lumber.

From January through April of 1889, eight vessels commanded by Maine captains traveled to or from Australia. These included the William H. Conner, with James P. Butman as captain, clearing from New York on March 28 for Sydney, New South Wales.


Capt. James P. Butman Ship <em>William H. Conner</em>