Captain Charles Melvin Nichols

Charles Melvin Nichols was the son of Wilson Cunningham Nichols & Margaret J. Cyphers Nichols. He was born January 20, 1851, in Searsport, Maine, and died April 5, 1937, in Searsport. He commanded the Bark Patmos, 1876; the Bark Arletta, 1882; the Ship Henrietta, to January, 1884; the Ship Lucy A. Nichols, 1883-85, 1888-90, 1895; the Bark Charlotte A. Littlefield, 1871-72; the Ship S. F. Hersey; the Ship A. J. Fuller; and (The following are all steamers): Alaskan, 1904-06; Mexican, 1907-08; Columbian, 1910-11; Georgian, 1912,1914-15; Minnesotan, 1912; American; Hawaiian; Isthmian; Arizonan.

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