Sea Chest Belonging to Anne Atherton Starrett

Anne Atherton Starrett spent many of her early years sailing with her family. Her father was Captain Henry Starrett of Belfast, and her mother was Ellen Mary Starrett. This chest is made of wood with a canvas cover and stenciled with Anne's initials.

Asian "Roly Poly" Doll

This papier mache toy belonged to Anne Atherton Starrett, daughter of Captain Henry Atherton Starrett of Belfast, and his wife Ellen Mary Cutter Starrett. The painted toy came from Hong Kong or another Asian port, when Anne was a child.

W. R. Gilkey Family aboard Ship

This photo shows the family of Captain W. R. Gilkey (left). The woman is his wife, Georgia P. Sawyer Gilkey, and one of the little girls is Georgia Maria, who later married another Searsport captain, Phineas Banning Blanchard and sailed with him for many years.

Eaton Family Registry Sampler

This sampler showing the Eaton family registry from 1817 to 1860 was stitched by 12 year old Cora Eaton in 1872.

Ralph Starratt on Yard of his Boat on the Barkentine Luarca

When the bark Carrie Winslow was in port, Ruth Montgomery went over to another vessel, the Canadian barkentine Luarca. Aboard was Capt. Starratt's son Ralph playing on his big model sailboat.

Men and Children Aboard Ship

Three young children aboard ship, probably with the captain, a mate, and a seaman.

Jane French Sweetser Colcord with Children

Jane French Sweetser Colcord was the photographer's sister, and this picture was taken at the family house in Searsport. The children are Lincoln Ross Colcord and Joanna Carver Colcord, both born at sea on board the bark Charlotte A. Littlefield.

Family aboard Ship with Sheep and Pets

Pets were very common on large sailing ships. The sheep was valuable for its milk, its milk being much richer than that of a cow or a goat.

Chinese Jackstraws

Set of 34 ivory Chinese jackstraws used as a toy by Kate Dow when a young girl. Probably brought back from China by her mother's brother, Capt. Oscar Eaton.

Joanna and Lincoln Colcord aboard Clara E. McGilvery

Joanna and Lincoln Colcord were both born at sea, in 1882 and 1883 respectively. This is a picture of them around 1889 when their father, Lincoln Alden Colcord, was captain of the bark Clara E. McGilvery. The photograph was taken by the uncle of the children and the brother-in-law of the captain. The vessel was in Boston awaiting cargo. Her sails have all been stripped and much of her running rigging, the lines that control the sails, have been removed.


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