Sakhalin Island

Sakhalin Island is a large island in the North Pacific Ocean, just north of Japan and close to the eastern coast of Russa. It is owned by Russia, but has historically been the subject of territorial disputes between Russia and Japan.

This image is from Hammond's Unabridged Atlas & Gazeteer of the World, published by C. S. Hammond, New York, 1924. (Collections of Penobscot Marine Museum)


Hand-tinted photograph of Yokohama, in a lacquer album with mother-of-pearl inlay. Book of Japanese photographs.

Sunda Strait

Detail of Sunda Strait and its Approaches chart, showing the strait between Sumatra and Japan. This was one of the most important passages on the route to and from China. Note the island of Krakatoa, where the volcano erupted in 1883.

Sandalwood Fan

Sandalwood fan with intricate three dimensional carvings on both end pieces as well as on the fan's slats. This fan is Japanese; fans were an important part of both Chinese and Japanese cultures. They were a popular souvenir for captains.

Japanese Vases

Japanese lacquer decorator vases, with three acrobats done in gold, black and blue. Three feet on base.

Japanese Vase

Japanese ceramic vase, decorated with five men in each scene. Satsuma.

Japanese Tea Pot

Ceramic Japanese tea pot, decorated with birds, flowers, and a distant town.

Japanese Table

Japanese wood table with intricate colored mother-of-pearl inlays.

Japanese Rickshaw Model

Japanese rickshaw and two dolls, one being a rickshaw puller and the other a woman passenger. These were brought back to Maine by Capt. Everett G. Staples, master of the ship Robert L. Belknap from 1884-1896. The Belknap was a Rockport, Maine built and owned vessel, launched in 1884 for the deep water bulk carrying trades.

Japanese Painting

Painting of Japanese landscape with mountain, lake, and boat.


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