Ship Phineas Pendleton

The Phineas Pendleton was built in 1866 at Dunning Yard in Brewer, Maine, and was named for a Searsport captain, whose son Phineas Pendleton Jr. was her captain until 1873. 1332 tons, 185'x 37' x 23' Lost by fire at Manila in 1885. Liverpool artist Charles Waldron specialized in paintings for the American market.

Oil on canvas.

Great Admiral

Signature has been cut off, but this painting is attributed to Charles Waldron. The Great Admiral was built in Boston by Robert E. Jackson of East Boston in 1869. She was the most famous ship of the Weld Fleet, having an active life of 37 years. Named for Admiral Farragut and commanded for 12 years by Captain Benjamin Thompson of Winterport, Maine, the Great Admiral foundered in a storm in the Pacific in 1906. Under the Weld ownership, she was commanded by Captain I.N. Jackson, Captain Benjamin Thompson, Captain William Chatfield, and Captain J.F. Rowell.

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