Working the Bay

Yacht Eagle

The sloop yacht Eagle at North Haven, Maine. Behind the sloop is the schooner Greyhound of North Haven.

Woodboat for Lime Kilns

Schooner from Saint John, New Brunswick, unloading cordwood in Rockport for the lime kilns.

Windjammer Mattie in Bucks Harbor

Windjammer schooner Mattie at anchor in Bucks Harbor on a foggy morning. Two other schooners in the windjammer fleet are in the distance.

Vinalhaven Granite Quarry

A view of a large granite quarry on Vinalhaven.

Stockton Resort and Fort Point Lighthouse

Postcard image of Fort Point Lighthouse and the resort at Fort Point. Built in the 1870s, the resort was first called the Wassaumkeag Hotel, then Fort Point House, then The Woodcliff and Fort Point Hotel. It burned on June 7, 1898.

Stockton Docks

Bangor & Aroostook piers at Stockton Springs Harbor, Cape Jellison. Twelve schooners are at the docks. The docks were used for shipping lumber and potatoes. The docks were opened in 1906 when the railroad line was completed.

Stockton Docks

Postcard image of Big Pier, Stockton Springs. The pier, used for shipping lumber and potatoes, was 1600 feet long. The Bangor & Aroostook piers were built in 1906 when the railroad line was completed.

Stern Port

Loading a mast through the stern port of a mast ship. A tackle from a yard on the ship takes the weight of the mast and the men control it. Loading takes time as the band attaching the mast to the tackle has to be shifted periodically and the rollers inside and outside the ship adjusted.

From the book, New England Masts and the King's Broad Arrow, by Samuel F. Manning, 1979. Illustrations courtesy of the author and illustrator.

Steamer Penobscot

Steamer Penobscot entering Belfast harbor, on the Bangor to Boston route.

Steamer Mount Desert

The reliable steamer Mount Desert operated on the Rockland to Mount Desert line from 1879 to 1904. This view may be from Stonington, as Mount Desert heads east towards Mount Desert Island and Frenchmans Bay.


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