Women's Roles

Sea Chest Belonging to Anne Atherton Starrett

Anne Atherton Starrett spent many of her early years sailing with her family. Her father was Captain Henry Starrett of Belfast, and her mother was Ellen Mary Starrett. This chest is made of wood with a canvas cover and stenciled with Anne's initials.

Marseilles Harbor, 1880s-Quai de la Fraternite

This albumen print depicts a large vessel at anchor at the Quai de la Fraternite, port of Marseilles, France. Quai means "dock" or "embankment" in French. Source: www.mkpix.org/gallery2/main.php/v/seetheworld/europe/france/photos1800s. Used with permission.

Marseilles Harbor 1880s

This albumen print depicts Marseilles Harbor in the 1880s. Source: www.mkpix.org/gallery2/main.php/v/seetheworld/europe/france/photos1800s/. Used with permission.

Clara Pendleton Blanchard

Clara Pendleton Blanchard (1843-1931) was the daughter, wife, and mother of sea captains. She spent more than 40 years at sea.

Millicent Dow Nichols

Millicent Dow Nichols (1851-1937) was the wife of Captain Charles M. Nichols of Searsport.

W. R. Gilkey Family aboard Ship

This photo shows the family of Captain W. R. Gilkey (left). The woman is his wife, Georgia P. Sawyer Gilkey, and one of the little girls is Georgia Maria, who later married another Searsport captain, Phineas Banning Blanchard and sailed with him for many years.

Florence Ferguson Pendleton

Florence Ferguson Pendleton (1856-unknown) from Hampden, Maine, married Searsport captain James Nelson Pendleton in June of 1879 and went to sea with her husband.

Map of Micronesia

Micronesia refers to a region in the Pacific Ocean containing thousands of small islands. It lies east of the Philippines and northeast of Indonesia. Some of the island groupings within Micronesia are the Caroline Islands, the Gilbert Islands, and the Mariana Islands. Micronesia is distinct from Melanesia to the south and Polynesia to the east. This image is from Hammond's Unabridged Atlas and Gazeteer of the World, published by C. S. Hammond & Co., Inc., New York, 1924, page 90. (Collections of Penobscot Marine Museum)

Georgia Gilkey's Dress

This hand-made dress was Georgia Maria Gilkey's high school graduation dress in 1904, and also her wedding dress when she married Captain Phineas Banning Blanchard in 1906. It is a two piece garment, with a high collar and lace around the peau de soie (silk) yoke. The long skirt has a layered petticoat. The textured off-white fabric has a raised decorative design motif.

Model of the Ship Frank N. Thayer

This model was built by Captain Henry A. Starrett of Belfast aboard ship. Construction took 7 years and was done at sea while serving as Master of the Thayer and the Levi G. Burgess. The model has carved ivory fittings and silk and wire rigging. Starrett was the master of the Frank N. Thayer from 1874-1878. The vessel was the first one of that name, built for Thayer & Lincoln, a Boston firm, in Kennebunkport in 1868. A 1160 ton vessel, she was succeeded by a larger 1648 ton vessel of the same name built in Newburyport in 1878.


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