Maine and the Asian Trade


Hand-tinted photograph of Yokohama, in a lacquer album with mother-of-pearl inlay. Book of Japanese photographs.

Sandalwood Fan

Sandalwood fan with intricate three dimensional carvings on both end pieces as well as on the fan's slats. This fan is Japanese; fans were an important part of both Chinese and Japanese cultures. They were a popular souvenir for captains.

Japanese Tea Pot

Ceramic Japanese tea pot, decorated with birds, flowers, and a distant town.

Ivory and Textile Fan

Embroidered textile and ivory fan with box.

Chinese Wood Carving of Two Men Sawing

Sandalwood carving of two men sawing, from Canton. Part of series of carvings depicting various aspects of life.

Chinese Wood Carving of Man Plowing with Water Buffalo

Sandalwood carving of man steering a hand plow pulled by a water buffalo. Part of series of carvings depicting various aspects of life.

Chinese Junk

A lantern slide showing a Chinese junk, from collection of a Capt. Brown, given to Joanna Colcord of Searsport

Chinese Ceramic Tea Bowl

Chinese export ceramic tea bowl and saucer. Design has a lady with a boy entertainer. Very thin porcelain.

Clarissa B. Carver Wreck Survey

Survey of the wreck of the ship Clarissa B. Carver. A survey is performed to determine the value of the vessel and its cargo in its sunk location. The vessel was sunk by a steamer near Kobe, Japan on June 7, 1885. This document is part of the final settlement of payments for the ship and its cargo, called the General Average.

Crew of Sampan in Hong Kong

Photograph of sampan "crew" that served the ship State of Maine when it was in Hong Kong, taken by Joanna Colcord in 1900.


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