Hand-tinted photograph of Yokohama, in a lacquer album with mother-of-pearl inlay. Book of Japanese photographs.

Stern Wheeler Boat in China

Stern wheel Chinese paddle boat, perhaps steam-driven, with sail. Hand-colored lantern slide from collection of a Capt. Brown, given to Joanna Colcord of Searsport

Sandalwood Fan

Sandalwood fan with intricate three dimensional carvings on both end pieces as well as on the fan's slats. This fan is Japanese; fans were an important part of both Chinese and Japanese cultures. They were a popular souvenir for captains.

Sampans in China

Sampans in China, hand-colored lantern slide from collection of a Capt. Brown, given to Joanna Colcord of Searsport. We are not sure whether this is in the Hong Kong area or not.

Sailor's Valentine

Sailor's Valentines are a form of sea shell art, popular in the 1800s, when sailors brought them home to their wives, girlfriends, mothers, or sisters. Most Sailor's Valentines were made in the West Indies, on the island of Barbados, between 1830 and 1880, but production continued into the early 20th century. People used to think that sailors made them aboard ships, but research has shown almost all were made in Barbados for sale to British and American sailors.

Portable Chinese Vanity Stand

Portable Chinese vanity stand, made of teakwood, inlaid with mother-of-pearl

Palace Foo Dog

Ornamental palace foo dog.

Japanese Vase

Japanese ceramic vase, decorated with five men in each scene. Satsuma.

Japanese Tea Pot

Ceramic Japanese tea pot, decorated with birds, flowers, and a distant town.


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