Bark Abbie Carver

This painting of the bark Abbie Carver is in a private collection and was done c. 1875 by Maine artist William P. Stubbs.

Schooner Augusta E. Herrick

The Augusta E. Herrick was built in Gloucester, Massachusetts in 1877 for William P. Herrick, a highly successful Swans Island, Maine, mackerel fisherman. Modeled and built by Daniel Poland, Herrick wanted a yacht-like vessel. He also wanted a fast vessel, and he got one that was fast both reaching and running. The bow was relatively long and fine. She was the only centerboard schooner built for the Banks fisheries; Herrick wanted the centerboard in order to be able to work in and out of some shallow Maine ports. Herrick sailed her until he sold her to Boston in 1891.

Schooner Alfred Brabrook

One of seven 3-masted schooners built by Bath's Goss & Sawyer yard in 1873. This one was for a Taunton, Massachusetts captain, J.M. Phillips, who sailed with a few breaks until 1886. After his death about 1898, his wife continued to own the vessel. These 3-masted schooners were the most common schooners in the coasting trades.

Oil on canvas.

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