Champlain Map of North America 1612

Samuel de Champlain made 12 voyages to New England and Canada between 1603 and 1635. He mapped and published his findings and made the first useful maps of the Maine coast. On his 1603 trip he explored up and mapped the St. Lawrence River. From 1605-1606 he explored the Maine Coast. In 1608 he explored what is now Lake Champlain and in 1611 ascended the St. Lawrence to what is now Montreal. 

This map, his Carte Geographique de la Nouvelle France of 1612, shows the Armouchiquios, corn planters who lived west of the Sheepscot, the only images that exist of Maine's residents of this time. Also shown are some American plants. Off the coast of Newfoundland, Champlain also shows the fishing banks. It summarizes what he then knew of North America.

This map is provided courtesy of the Osher Map Collection at the University of Southern Maine.

See for the manuscript map by Champlain now owned by the Library of Congress. 

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Champlain Map 1612
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Champlain, Samuel de