Eastern Steamship Company Brochure

The Eastern Steamship Company's Bangor division 1903 brochure includes the schedule, fares, vessel layout, and a route map for the two steamships that sailed from Boston to Bangor, by way of Rockland, Camden, Belfast, Searsport, Winterport, and other Penobscot Bay and River ports on the way to and from Bangor. This was the summer schedule valid from May 4 to October 31, and it included stops in Northport from June 22 to September 5. With two boats, the City of Bangor and the City of Rockland, the company could provide daily service. Board the boat in Boston in the late afternoon and arrive in the Penobscot Bay the following day.

In Rockland you could board a boat for Ellsworth that sailed across the Penobscot, down Eggemoggin Reach and up Blue Hill Bay. Or you could catch a boat for Bar Harbor, that sailed via the Fox Island Thorofare and Stonington, stopping at Southwest and Northeast Harbors.

This line had become Penobscot Bay's primary connection with Boston and allowed local travel between the towns of Penobscot Bay and east to Mount Desert. It operated up to six times per week in each direction, depending on the season.

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Boston, Bangor, Penobscot Bay, Maine
Eastern Steamship Co.