February 11, 1866

Journal Entry 3: February 1866

Highlights from the Journal of Edwin Mitchell, Vol. I:

Feb. 5: "This day comes on warm and pleasant, it being the finest day we have had since leaving port."

Feb. 8: "About nine Oclock this morning saw a sail to LeewardLeeward

Downwind from the point of reference. The leeward side of a vessel is called the lee side.
steering the same course until one Oclock P.M. when she stood on the other tackTack

The side of the sail against which the wind is blowing. The vessel might be described as being on a port tack or a starboard tack.
and soon disappeared."

Feb. 11: "I was sent aloft to furlFurl

To take in the sails of a vessel and secure them with gaskets. In the case of square-rigged ships, to haul in on the clew-lines and buntlines and roll sails up to the yards. In the case of fore-and-aft rigs, to lower and secure sails to the boom or stays.
the Main Sky sailSkysail Sky sail

On a square rigged vessel, a small square sail above the royal.
for the first time."

Feb. 12: "Last night one of the sailors was taken sick with the fever and agueAgue

Illness characterized by chills and fever, sometimes associated with malaria
. Today all hands have been employed in working about-decks. I have also this day made up my mind to leave off using Tobacco."

Feb. 16: "I saw a few flying fish, they being the first I have seen."

Feb. 17: "Saw a school of Black fish and Porpoise but not having our irons rigged they did not afford us any fun."

Feb. 18: "I took a good fresh water wash and then turned in. This P.M. got my bedding on deck and aired it."

Feb. 19: "This A.M. my watch on deck I am at work painting the Boatswain's Locker.Boatswain's Locker  bos'n's locker

Also Bos'n's Locker. A small compartment for tools and materials for repairing or making up rigging or cargo gear.