March 2-25, 1867

Journal Entry 33: March 1867

Highlights from the Journal of Edwin Mitchell, Vol. II:

Mar. 2: "After breakfast I sandpapered and oiled my chest, then turned in. This afternoon I oiled the window sashes, picked oakumOakum

A caulking material made of tarred rope fibers.
the remainder of the watch. Saw two sails both in the same tackTack

The side of the sail against which the wind is blowing. The vessel might be described as being on a port tack or a starboard tack.
as us. I think these are the same ones we saw yesterday."

Mar. 5: "We were sixty-eight miles off the land at noon."

Mar. 6: "We made the land at four bells, about sixty miles south of FernanbucoPernambuco "Fernanbuco"

A state in the northeast coastal area of Brazil. The correct spelling is Pernambuco.
....Saw a sail to windwardWindward

The direction from which the wind blows.It is used as a point of reference in designating a movement or a location.
on the same tack. We have also seen a number of centurions. They are made of logs like a raft with a sail; on the after-part of it also a sail. They are used by the natives for fishing. I should not want to be afloat in one for the water washes over it all the time."

Mar. 7: "We have run within four or five miles of the shore all day, I could see the houses and cocoanut trees, also two coastersCoaster

A trading vessel that goes from port to port along the coast. Generally smaller than trans-oceanic vessels. Schooners were often used for coastal trade.
and all sorts of smaller crafts. We sighted Fernanbuco about five o'clock, we nearly abreast of it now (six o'clock.) The coast looks the most like vegetation of any I have seen; the trees all look green and everything as if it had a chance to grow."

Mar. 16: "After breakfast the Capt. came down and said he wanted us boys to clean out our room, so instead of turning in I had to scrub paint-work all day. I hope it will not be many more days now before we get in, then I will be clear of the down east hooker."

Mar. 17: "There were two flying fish came aboard last night, I got one and Bill the other; we are going to preserve them."

Mar. 18: "After breakfast Bill and I commenced to paint our room; we worked all day, finished tonight except a little blue painting. I hope if I ever do get another voyage I will get on a packetPacket

A vessel traveling on a regular schedule between two ports for the carriage of mail, goods, and passengers.
where I can do enough on my watch on deck."

Mar. 25: "It is a shame to keep the sail off of the ship the way they do, we might have been in N.Y. before this is they had carried sail' they are afraid they will not get the work done....We saw five different sails yesterday and two today."