January 26, 1866

Journal Entry 2: January 1866

Highlights from theJournal of Edwin Mitchell, Vol. I:

Jan. 26: "All hands turned to this morning at four o’clock to get the Ship ready to haul into the stream....at five a tug came and towed us into the stream where we lay until about one o’clock p.m. when two tugs came and towed us to sea....it has been cloudy all day. Tonight the Officers chose their watches I being chosen in the StarboardStarboard

The right-hand side of a vessel as seen from aft. The term is of Norse origin; the steering oar on a Viking ship was rigged on the right hand side.

Used also as a term to describe the second mate's watch on a sailing vessel.

Jan. 27: "We have been in company with a BarkBark

A sailing vessel with three masts; square-rigged on the fore and main masts and fore-and-aft rigged on the mizzen.
to windwardWindward

The direction from which the wind blows.It is used as a point of reference in designating a movement or a location.
all day, saw several other sail during the day and night."