March 1, 1866

Journal Entry 5: March 1866

Highlights from the Journal of Edwin Mitchell, Vol. I:

Mar. 1: "This A.M. at ten Oclock a sail hoveHove Heave

To throw.
in sight ahead steering northward, at half past eleven we spoke her; it was the Dutch BrigBrig

Vessel with two masts; both square-rigged.
Henryetta from Buenos AyresBuenos Ayres

Buenos Aires The capital and largest city in Argentina.
. The Capt. requested him to report us."

Mar. 4: "The Capt. invited the Second mate and the Carpenter aftAft

Towards the stern, or rear, of a vessel.
to take dinner with him, so us boys had the duffDuff

A boiled or steamed pudding, usually containing dried fruit.
to ourselves."

Mar. 6: "This A.M. we are about forty miles from the Brazilian coast; at twelve soundedSounding

The name given to a depth of water obtained by a lead and line sounding machine, or echo-sounder, or by any other means. The figures on a maritime chart which indicate the depth of water are also known as soundings.
twice but did not get bottom; also caught a Dolphin on a line which was trailing astern."

Mar. 7: "Saw three sails to windwardWindward

The direction from which the wind blows.It is used as a point of reference in designating a movement or a location.
, one Southward and one Northward. The wind is blowing quite fresh."

Mar. 9: "This A.M. I have been at work cleaning some guns for the mate."

Mar. 11: "This P.M. saw a Brazilian fishing boat ahead; the mate motioned for them to come along side but they droped under our stern when we hove to; When the Capt. went aboard taking some bread and meat all of us boys sent letters home by them. They said they were going to Cape FrioCape Frio

A cape on the south east Atlantic coast of Brazil, east of Rio de Janeiro
in a day or two and would take the letters; they gave the Capt. quite a number of fish."

Mar. 12: "The Capt. caught eight red mulletMullet

A bony fish with a stout, elongated body.
and a shark...Tonight the sailors had the shark cooked for supper and I ate a piece; it was very nice."

Mar. 13: "This P.M. Ross and I have been hauling the fishing line for the mate, caught a lot of Mulletts."

Mar. 14: "Saw a large school of Porpoise but did not get any; tonight one of the men hauled a BonitoBonito "Bonita"

A kind of fish.
out of the water but lost him."

Mar. 17: "Tonight us boys went forward and rigged the pump and had a good wash."