June 22-30, 1866

Journal Entry 14: June 1866

Highlights of the Journal of Edwin Mitchell, Vol. I:

June 22: "The man at the wheel gave the Capt. some sauce, and he put him in irons and tied him up to the mizzen-stayMizzen-stay Mizzen staysail

A small sail sometimes placed forward of the mizzenmast.
, but he asked the Capt.'s forgiveness, and he took him down, if he had refused to do it the crew would have done it for him. I have not space to exlain the particulars. We have had several such scrapes."

June 24: "I mended a pair of pants and then read a book called "Ten Nights in a Bar RoomTen Nights in a Bar Room and What I Saw There

A temperance novel by Timothy Shay Arthur, published in 1854, that helped demonize alcohol. It was made into a movie in 1931.
," it was very interesting....They do not allow us boys forward with the men since they fuss. They have also stopped the men's coffee on account of it....We had a bonitaBonito "Bonita"

A kind of fish.
this morning for breakfast; it went nice; we could not eat more than half of it so we shall get the rest for supper. I would like to have one every Sunday."

June 30: "We are within about seven-hundred miles of Frisco and could run it in three or four days with a fair wind."