September 1-8, 1866

Journal Entry 18: September 1866

Highlights from the Journal of Edwin Mitchell, Vol. I:

Sep. 1: "I asked the mate this morning for some brushingBrushing

In this sense, brushing probably refers to fibers of used rope that can be rewoven into usable form for making beckets, or handles, for a sea chest.
to make a set of beckettsBecket Beckett

A looped rope, strap, hook and eye, or grommet used as a handle or as an oarlock.
and he would not give me any. I don't call that mean, but I call it nasty mean!"

Sep. 2: "After dinner I got hold of a New York Herald of April 16th and read it, as it was all news to me."

Sep. 4: "I have scraped enough stuff together to make a set of becketts."

Sep. 5: "This P.M. I picked oakumOakum

A caulking material made of tarred rope fibers.
all the watch, went below at eight bells and went to work on my becketts again."

Sep. 6: "This P.M. I worked on my becketts until five bells, finished covering enough for one, then turned in but did not get to sleep."

Sep. 7: "After breakfast I worked on my becketts until four bells and then turned in. This P.M. picked oakum all the watch, went below at eight bells and began on my becketts again. Last night I carried the knots to the forecastle to the man who is agoing to make my becketts, and some busy thief (who was too lazy to cover them himself) stole them. The stole two pr. of pants and three shirts from the StewardSteward

The person aboard ship in charge of provisions and aiding the cook.

Sep. 8: "After dinner I covered enough strands for another beckett. The weather has been clear and pleasant all day with a moderate breeze. We crossed the equator this forenoon at twenty minutes past eleven. The Capt. had one of the sheep killed tonight."