June 19-21, 1866

Journal Entry 13: June 1866

Highlights from the Journal of Edwin Mitchell Vol. I:

June 19: "The carpenter cut his foot Friday; it makes him quite lame. I have got a very sore eye; the carpenter looked into it and said the lid was raw. I got some wood scrapings in it is what caused it I suppose."

June 20: "They told us today that we had got to holystoneHolystone

A soft sandstone used to scrub the deck of a wooden ship. The word can be used as a noun or as a verb.
our messMess

The area on board a vessel where the ship's crew members gather to eat their meals.
room in our watch below so we went at it and got it partly done. They think a boy does not need any sleep, that he does not need any time to mend his clothes; well it is as much as you can expect from such a man, you take a cipherCipher cypher, cyphering

To do math. Also, cipher can refer to someone who has no weight, worth, or influence--a zero. Another meaning is a message in code, or the process of creating a coded message. Cypher is the typical British spelling.
from a cipher and there is not much left. He expects us to do everything about our room in our watch below. All that I will ask for is a fair mind, I will bet that I will not hurt myself a working as long as my chief living is hard bread and water. That's just fare."

June 21: "In my yesterday's log I forgot to mention that there was a hen got overboard so they hoveHove Heave

To throw.
the ship and got out the boat and pulled about a half a mile for her. The hens are eating each other for the want of fresh meat; they keep them to look at, not to eat. When the boat came along side they hove the dog overboard and he swam to the boat."