October 11-17, 1866

Journal Entry 22: October 1866

Highlights of the Journal of Edwin Mitchell, Vol. I:

Oct. 11 (in port): "This morning at four bells we made the Island of St. LorenzoIsland of St. Lorenzo Isla San Lorenzo

An island in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Callao, Peru.
, but having a light breeze we did not get anchored until six bells. I pretty tired, as I have been on deck all day...I read a letter from home. There is quite a number of men of warMan-of-War

A warship.
here of different nations and quite a number of ships."

Oct. 12: "This afternoon went ashore after the Capt. It is a queer looking place and queer looking people. If I get a chance to get ashore I might describe the place."

Oct. 13: "This afternoon at three oclock, I went ashore after the Capt. While we were waiting for him I went up town with Charley. It is a dirty looking place, the streets are narrow and badly laid out. There are no wharfs to lay at, you have to discharge lightersLighter

A large, flat-bottomed boat or barge used to transport goods over short distances, or to and from a cargo ship.
. We are going to New York."

Oct. 14: "At seven bells I took the Capt. ashore to market, he bought our messMess

The area on board a vessel where the ship's crew members gather to eat their meals.
some oranges....This afternoon we rowed the Capt. and wife around the harbor, after I got back I went swimming. Last night I wrote a letter home; this morning the Capt. wanted me to change a few subject sand I would not do it, so I did not send it. If I have to write other fellers words I will not write at all."

Oct. 16: "After breakfast Jim and I got the Capt. ashore, I worked above decks until noon then went after the Capt. After dinner set him ashore again. Came back and took Mrs. Kruse ashore, then took the cargo clerks ashore. After supper went after Mrs. Kruse. A plenty of boating to do."

Oct. 17: "This morning at three bells went ashore with the Capt. a marketing, it is a queer looking market. After breakfast set him ashore again, had to wait until nearly noon for him. After dinner I went ashore in the boat and took the Capt. aboard of a Panama mail SteamerSteamer steamboat,steamship

A mechanically-propelled vessel in which the principal motive power is steam, as opposed to a sailing vessel or motorship. Steamboats traditionally were the sometimes sizable coastal steamers, while steamship referred to ocean going vessels.
, came aboard then went ashore again, did not get back until late."